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Boston 2012

 Boston :: Trip 1

A first set of images from my 3 months in Boston. I worked there for Irrational Games on Bioshock Infinite.

Die ersten Bilder von Boston. Ich hab dort für Irrational Games an Bioshock Infinite gearbeitet.

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2nd Boston Trip

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North Quincy


Irrational Games currently is located in Quincy. It's a bit out of Boston Centre on the red train line. It takes about 20 minutes by train to get into the city.

Not much can be said about North Quincy. If North Quincy is to Quincy what Quincy is to Boston. A relative boring suburb. The best was that the apartment was close to the train.

North Quincy ist eine Vorstadt von Boston. Ziehmlich nichtssagend. Das Appartment in dem ich wohnte war ungefähr 20 Minuten zum Irrational Games Studio entfernt. Es lag an der S-Bahn Station zur City. Von da waren es nochmal 20 Minuten zum Zentrum von Boston.

City of Boston


Above: Darren in Boston City Center.

American money is strange for a non American. Every note looks the same pretty much. And there are one dollar notes. So there is always a stack of money in your wallet. But you get something for 1 dollar not like in Australia.

So I bought a lot of stuff. I guess I spent well over 500 $ for clothes. The clothes are really good. You can get a designer shirt for 69 $.

I also bought a transformer pad from Asus. I wanted to get a google nexus tablet but it was sold out everywhere. Now I'm quite happy that I bought the transformer because it is a lot better.

Asus homepage ...

Boston Common


A large park just next to the shopping district. We had around 30 degrees for most of the first trip.

Prudential district


Three generations of buildings here. The old brick building, the 70s skyscraper and the most modern building from I.M. Pei.

It was a surprise for me to see Boston having a lot of old buildings. You can feel the culture and history in the air here. I didn't know how much I missed it.

Pei Partnership Architects ...


Trinity Church. This is church created a new style. It's fair to say it is a masterpiece.

Google Info ...


The church and I.M. Pei's super simple skyscraper.

A good example of old and new buildings living together without problems. Sometimes I wish European architecture would focus a bit more on looking pretty than just being stylish. And I am an architect who says this.

I think there is nothing wrong to hold on to old values like harmony and symmetry. Some of the most recent buildings in Australia are interesting but they are not very pretty. I am afraid that they might become what so many buildings from the 60s to the 80s are now - ugly.


Squirrels are everywhere in Boston Common

Above: This is not an exceptional ornamented entry door for Boston. They use a lot of gold. If you play BioShock Infinite and you wonder were the artists got their inspiration from, go to Boston and you'll know.

Cory, Darren and Chris in Boston Common. We went for a movie afterwards. It might have been Ted. Which actually has been filmed in Boston. Mark Wahlberg is from here.


Sometimes they are not shy of cheesiness.



Well, not hard to guess who the architect of this building is.

Frank Gehry Works ...


Old meets new again. I like the trucks here as well. If the garbage truck is some sort of a design object.

Below: M.I.T. museum.

M.I.T stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is were the world moves forward. In Boston a big chunk of the future is created.

Harvard is also here.




It is very pretty. Like a smaller town.

Harvard Campus. It was some sort of a orientation week. The lessons had not started yet. Pretty nice here. I guess it must be really good to study here.

Geoff, Evyn, Joel and Chris. We bumped into each other by accident here.

Further down: A shop front and a corner building in Harvard.


Business District


Back in the busy center at Haymarket.

Below: A part of the City Hall. A concrete fortress with windows.

Me and Cory near little Italy.


Little Italy


The entry into little Italy. A famous place for going out and have a good Italian dinner. Very busy on the weekend. No chance to get into a restaurant without a booking.


We went to the restaurant in this building. It was the only one we could get a table for 4 without booking.

Below: Hanover St. It used to be called little Germany, Irland and Poland before the Italian took over. It's basically café after restaurant after patisserie.




The harbour. Not as good as Sydney but still a harbour. No swimming really in Boston unfortunately. You can take a boat to the beach of Nantucket. What a great name for an island.

Boston Duck Tours


Apparently very famous amphibian buses. They take you on a sight seeing trip through the city and onto the river. The guide was very funny.

Boston Duck Tours. ...


Under one of the bridges. Corrosion isn't as bad as you think actually. I remember that it might become a protective coat in some circumstances. But I don't really know much about it. Seems to be regarded save here.

Science Museum


Boston has some good galleries and museums. This is a part of the Science Museum. I was impressed by the show in the newly renovated planetarium.


A clock on the street.


Another nice entry door in the CBD area. I'm not entirely sure if Boston is representative for the entire U.S.A. Probably for Columbia, the north eastern part.

Boston is home of the first democracy in the U.S. Here is where the first Tea Party happened. Here they started to become independent from England.

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