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Real-Time Walk-Throughs

A real-time walk-through is an application that runs on a personal computer. Think of it as a game that shows your project and the client is the player who can explore the scene. Standard features are:

  • Display floor plan with jump location
  • Walk and drone mode
  • Take high resolution screenshots

    Read more about these features ...

  • Real-Time Standard prices from
    Interactive floorplan, drone mode, high-res screenshots  
    2 bedroom appartment, 2 bathrooms, mostly using standard library furniture AU$ 2.500
    US$ 1.800

    Interactive Walk-Throughs

    With an interactive walk through the user can change lighting or materials (fabric, colors) of certain objects in the scene in real-time. Interactive features are:

  • Colour Schemes
  • Object Materials
  • Lighting Scenarios

    Browse the asset library ...

  • Interactive Real-Time Standard prices from
    Interactive floorplan, drone mode, high-res screenshots, 2 color schemes, medium amount of choices, 2 lighting scenarios (day/night)  
    2 bedroom appartment, 2 bathrooms, 2 floors, simple outdoor area without views, mostly using standard library furniture AU$ 4.000
    US$ 2.800

    Animation Video

    Fly through high definition videos (1080p) created using the real time scene. A YouTube link can be provided if required.

    Or higher quality cinematic images taken from the real time scene.

    These images and videos will not quite be the same photo-realistic quality as rendered images seen in a high end classic architectural visualization

    Stills and Videos prices from
    Additional costs for animation video 1080p, YouTube link, per minute AU$ 400
    US$ 280
    High resolution cinematic image taken from real time scene, no post production AU$ 70
    US$ 50

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual Reality uses a headset to immerse the user into the scene. There are different headsets available like the HTC VIVE, the Oculus Rift or Google VR.

    Before you decide if you want to use this technology please consider the following points:

  • Not everyone will enjoy using a headset. Many people get VR sickness especially when they are not regular users or the framerate (fps) isn't as high as it should be.
  • The quality will be not as good as in a standard walk through. The resolution of the headset is limited and it needs to run on 90 frames per second (fps) compared to 30 fps for a standard scene. Some elements in the scene may have to be removed.
  • The user interface will be less sophisticated. It will be 3D elements inside the scene. Some features will not work.
  • Some hardware is expensive and a high end graphic card is required (NVidia 1070/1080). Some VR sets require mounted components on the walls.
  • The price charged will be quite a bit higher.

    On the right is an example project but the video shown here is not from the headset version and has a different interface.

  • Web Tour

    A web tour is a series of panorama images like the one you can see on the right side here. It can be shown in a standard web browser on any device that lets you browse the web, like a phone.

    The 360 degree image(s) will be rendered in the real-time scene. The fees below are additional fees.

    Web Tour prices from

    Web tour with up to 10 images. Hosted on or embedded into your own website.

    Additional costs to real time scene.

    AU$ 400
    US$ 280
    Single panorama image as above. AU$ 70
    US$ 50
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