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Stefan Doetschel
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14 images :: Gold Coast :: Unreal 4 :: 2018

Real-Time Walk-Throughs

In a real-time walk-through you can explore every room of a future project. A floor plan can show you where you currently are or it can send you to a different room or location. You can take as many screenshots as you like, they are free.

Drone and walk mode are available and if there are multiple houses or units in this project they can be connected to each other and you can travel to the next unit with a couple of clicks.

Runs on a good PC or laptop ("gaming" PC or laptop)
Supports VR headset or game controller (optional)


Top Left: The interactive floor-plan shows the position of the user (blue icon) in real time. There are location targets for instant teleportation and a separate list of available locations useful for multi-story projects.

Top Right: The "Travel Screen" allows users to travel to another apartment or house.

Client logos, project name, icon design and order, font and UI colours are customizable.

Right: The App can be controlled by keyboard/mouse, xbox game controller or in a mouse only mode. Touch screens are supported.


Real-Time Standard prices from
2 bedroom appartment, 2 bathrooms, mostly using standard library furniture AU$ 2.500
US$ 1.800
Interactive floorplan, drone mode, high-res screenshots

Interactive Walk-Throughs

An interactive walk-through is a real-time walk-through with additional interactive features added. The user is able to change materials (e.g. fabric to leather couch), objects (e.g. ceramic stove top or gas burners) or change the light from day to night while exploring the project.

Typical this kind of walk-through can be used to show different design choices or equipment and fittings to potential buyers. A list of choices can be printed at the end of the walk-through.

Runs on a good PC or laptop ("gaming" PC or laptop)
Supports VR headset or game controller (optional)

Left image:

Changing the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.

Right image:

Swapping dining chairs.

Left image:

Choosing a different Design Scheme. This will set all affected objects at once to a new type, colour or material

Right image:

Choosing either day or night light.

The video on the right will give you a good overview of all features available at the moment.

Need a custom solution? - Ask for a quote.

Interactive Real-Time Standard prices from
2 bedroom appartment, 2 bathrooms, 2 floors, simple outdoor area without views, mostly using standard library furniture AU$ 4.000
US$ 3.000
Interactive floorplan, drone mode, high-res screenshots, 2 color schemes, medium amount of choices, 2 lighting scenarios (day/night)

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality uses a headset to completely immerse the user into the scene. The headset projects a 360 degree image of the world and lets you have a free look around.

There are different headsets available. For example

  • Oculus Rift
  • Gear VR

    It needs a bit more work to get a project ready for VR. But generally spoken any real time walk-through can support VR headsets. Ask for a quote.

    Runs best on a good PC ("gaming" PC)
    Supports VR headset required. Game controller (optional)
    NOTE: some people may feel uncomfortable while using a headset.

  • Web Tour

    A web tour is a series of panorama images that are connected and give you the impression you explore a 3D environment. Because they are just images of the 3D scene they can run on any device with internet access.

    The 360 degree images will be rendered in the real-time scene. It takes a little bit of time and additional work to prepare and upload the images.

    The web tour will be hosted on Kuula and can be easily implemented into your website.

    Runs on any device with internet access.

    Web Tour prices from
    A web tour with up to 10 images. AU$ 400
    US$ 300
    Single panorama image as above. AU$ 60
    US$ 45
    Additional costs to a real-time scene.

    Animation Video

    Fly through high definition videos (1080p) created using the real time scene. A YouTube link can be provided if required.

    Higher quality cinematic images taken from the real time scene are also possible.

    These images and videos will not be the same photo-realistic quality as traditionally rendered images seen in classic architectural visualization. But the quality is getting closer.

    Stills and Videos prices from
    Animation video 1080p, YouTube link, per minute AU$ 400
    US$ 300
    High resolution cinematic image (no post production) AU$ 30
    US$ 24
    The video and screenshots will be additional fees to the fees for the real-time scene.

    Need something else?

    Feel free to ask for a quote if you need any application that has not been covered on this page.

    The example on the right shows an underwater VR experience made for a client active in deep sea mining. With many years experience in architecture and game development I may be able to create what you want. Even if it is a bit unusual.

    If you have a larger project in mind, like a development with multiple houses or units I could assemble a small team of experienced developers I worked with in the past.

    Please ask for a quote:

    Stefan Doetschel
    Galleon Way 51
    Currumbin Waters QLD 4223
    +61 (0)433 103 540

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