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ArchVizUserInterface Bug Fixes

A couple of bug fixes you can do until a new update for the interface is available.

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Bug: the help screen displays the wrong icons

On the help screen the icons for walk and fly are not correct. The help for fly shows the walk icon and the help for walk shows the location icon. It's easy to fix:

  • double click on the SDot_Help widget in the Content/ArchVizUI/UI folder.
  • in the widget navigate to the Graph window (click the button top right)
  • double click the GetBrush_IconFly function in the list top left.
  • then change the Icon ID from "5" to "6".
  • next double click the GetBrush_IconWalk function in the list top left.
  • change the Icon ID from "4" to "5".
  • compile and save.

  • imageimage

    Bug: Touch screen controls get removed when you close any menu

    Left image:

    If you try to use this interface with a touch screen, the virtual joysticks disappear immediately. To fix this you have to replace the blueprint node "Remove All Widgets" with a newly created function.

    Start by creating a variable called "IntroScreen". As Variable Type use "SDot Intro Screen Widget". Just start typing the name to find this type.


    Now open the blueprint "SDot_LocatorMap" located in the UI folder. In there look out or search for the node "Create SDot Intro Screen Widget". Drag the new variable into the blueprint and choose "Set..." from the context menu and put it in between the "Create..." and "Add to Viewport" node. Then connect the target to the SDot_Character as shown in the image.

    Compile, save and close the blueprint.

    Above image:

    Now you have to create a new function. Click on the "+" sign in the functions window and name it "RemoveWidgets".

    Above right image:

    Inside the function create an array with all the available widgets. Most of them are in the section "Other Widgets". Also add the new "IntroScreen" variable and the "SDotMainMenu".

    Then add the nodes as seen in the image on the right.

    Above image:

    Now search for all instances of the node "Remove All Widgets". There are three of them. Double click on the first one in the list and replace it with the new function "RemoveWidgets". Then double click on the next two instances and do the same.

    Compile and save and it should now keep the virtual joysticks on screen.

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