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Tamarama Beach Cafe (project)

The old Cafe in Tamarama was an old and ugly building with a leaking roof.
I designed an alternative cafe which tries to hold back and keep the small scale and local feeling of Tamarama Beach.
I used Vectorworks for this project for the first time. So the drawings aren't up to my desired quality standard.
I tried to keep them simple so it isn't that obvious.

8 images :: Sydney :: Commercial :: 2006



Park Area (A4)

Instead of having one big building I decided to use smaller units. The park and beach are relatively small. A large building wouldn't fit here.

Ground Floor (A4)

The design is simple and should not blow out the budget.

The Kiosk can be closed with one garage door shutter. No windows are needed. Ventilation will happen through the roof. This will protect the building against vandalizing.

Elevation and Cut (A4)

Walls could be made of strong plywood boards and the roof would be metal. The same materials that are already used in the lifeguard tower on the beach.

All 3 blue prints (pdf 397kb) ...



Previous image (04):

3ds Max Render inserted into a photo from the road leading to Bronte Beach.

3ds Max rendered view from the pathway along the beach.


Existing Cafe and Change Rooms

The change rooms are located on the other side of the park. There is a container possibly as a storage room for the life guards or the gardeners.


The existing cafe is an old building stretched along the cliff.
- There is a small storage area on the beach side for the lifeguards.
- There is no space inside the building for garbage bins.
- The seating area is exposed to the sun and weather all year.
- The roof is leaking.
- There is not enough storage area and the space is in general not big enough.


This is the lifeguard's tower.

My design uses the same language of ply wood panels combined with a metal roof.

The building elements are relative small to keep the private character of the park and don't overpower the small beach.

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