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The last map I made for Domain 2049.

An urban map with the 'Minsistry Of Information Recovery' in its centre.

Rebels need to hack the defense system, pick up explosives and place them on the door to the ministry.

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This level is supposed to have a dark and slightly depressive mood. The ministry should represent dictatorship and power over the people.

Everything is grey. There is constant rain and fog adding to the atmosphere.


I prefer twilight in levels. It allows us to use artificial light sources to set highlights, shadows or colour to the environment.

The road for example can be broken up into spots of light and darkness. This can be done in sunlight as well but it is more difficult.

DMN-Ministry gameplay walkthrough ...


Art assets

I did all art assets and most textures myself for this map

I added some modern buildings but somehow game levels look better with older buildings.


All buildings are broken up into modules to reduce the amount of work needed for them.

The entry door element (or balconies) are static meshes that are placed on front of the standard building. So the door mesh covers the window. This way I can use the same mesh module for most of the walls.


The road and the bridge are made out of segments too.



A Path under the road. I always try to have multiple vertical levels in a map.

This walkway also provides some cover and gives an opportunity for the rebels to move out of sight. Otherwise the ministry would have been too easy to defend.

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