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3ds Max Renders (<2006)

This is a house I created in 3ds max to demonstrate my 3d presentation skills.
This house doesn't exist as a project. I designed it entirely in 3dx max.

7 images :: 2006


Above image:

Front view at bright daylight and at night.
The trees are borrowed from some games projects I worked on.
Most of the textures are modified photographs I took myself. Other textures are default max textures.



Above image:

This image lives from the shadows. Lighting is underrated in many presentations and adds a lot to the mood of an image.

Above right image:

Look at the shades of light and shadow along the wall. Without them the wall wood look boring. Or watch the reflections of the furniture on the floor boards. Wouldn't look that intersting in daylight.

Right image:

I tried to get all the furniture from free sources but I couldn't find appropriate ones. So I used some game assets I created before for the sideboards and kitchen with some detail added.
Its important to have a library of good furniture.

Exhibition Stall

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