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DMN-Ministry Gamedesign Walkthrough

The map is located around the Ministry of Information Recovery. Rebels got into the secured area around the ministry. They want to get access into the ministry building. - Rebels attack and USE defends in this map.

The round time is set to about 6:40 minutes. If Rebels fail to complete their objectives within this time USE will score. USE can score 3 times within 20:00 minutes. - If Rebels score 3 times they will win as well. (the goal score in the menu probably overrides the map settings).

Play as a Rebel for this walkthrough.

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Objective 1: Destroy the door to the control room.

Objective 1 is located in the center building in the little park in front of the ministry.

In the tree there is a script that is triggered when someone comes close to it. The script plays the crow, waits a bit, plays thunder, waits a bit, plays cricket noise and birds singing and goes back to waiting for someone to enter its radius to start again.

There are more scripts like that in the map so you get a kind of random ambient sounds. Though I didn't have the time to make this the best it could be.

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you need to shoot the door till it breaks. The health is about 400. You can shoot the door from far away.

So this objective is pretty easy to solve. There are defence spots around the door that get occupied by USE. The bots try to fill up all defense spots. If they are all filled they seem to hang around directly at the objective. So you will always find some direct at the door.

For Rebels a good way to complete this objective is to get cover behind the rocks close to the door or shoot from the opposite side of the road.

Once the door breaks a script triggers an emiter showing some smoke/dust. You also hear the noise of the breaking door and something else falling inside.


Objective 2: Upload a little program onto the computer.

The Computer is located inside the room. Best is to hurry into the room and start with uploading as soon as possible before defenders arrive.

Attacking bots first go away from the door and circle to one of the assault paths. This looks a bit stupid. But it is the only way to let them attack from both sides (Without scripting).

When you start triggering you hear a hacking keypad sound. This sound is the ambient sound of the mover. Also the Computer screen starts scrolling. The opening event triggers a MaterialTrigger (the MaterialTrigger seems not to work online).

The computer is the mover for the holdobjective though it doesn't move. Its initialState is 'triggerAdvanced'. So if the defence is tough you can go kamikaze in and get a few seconds further.

Once completed you hear a spin down sound and the computer screen turns black.


Objective 3 and 4: Get 2 sets of explosives.

Now you need to move to the depot which is located in the 'escape from aldwych' subway exit under the street. Move to the end of the bridge and go upstairs.

You can also attack from the other side. If you cross the map through the middle you are an easy target for snipers. It takes a bit longer to go around the edges of the map but you are not easy spotted and defenders never know exactly from where you will attack.

The door to the depot will not open instantly. Otherwise attackers could camp in front of the door and enter before the defense has taken place.


The open depot door is seen in this picture. On the right you see the stairs leading to the ministry. So this is not a dead end corridor.

This exit looks exactly like the escape spot in the map 'DMN-EscapeFromAldwych'. We wanted to make a single player campaign but the guy who wanted to code it got a job in the industry.


The depot can be easy defended. Throwing a grenade inside may help attackers. Attacking bots have problems because they don't shot back when approaching the objective.

To make it a bit more easy its enough to pick up the explosives by hitting the 'usekey' once. Unfortunatly its not made clear in the HUD that you need to use the usekey so maybe some new players will get confused here.


The explosives are movers that disappear when you pressed the 'usekey'. There is an assault actor that allows you to actually carry stuff like a flag to the next point. But it would have required coding. So again not enough time.

The messages played are standard assault announcer sounds. I tried to find some that fit.


Objective 5 + 6: Put explosives at the ministry doors.

Now move to the ministry.

Bots won't take the direct way. They will go the other way around. The ministry is the hardest objective for bots. I should have invested more time in finding the best spot for the assaultpaths.

Defending bots have a sniper volume set. So they spot attackers that come across the street very fast. There are defend spots inside and outside the ministry.

The door doesn't open at once. Same reason as before.


You need to place the 2 explosives one on each side of the doors. Just move there. An alarm will start till you placed them. The time you need is short.

In a singleplayer game you probably would use your 'usekey' each time you have to do something. We didn't have the code ready.

Once you placed both explosives you have 5 seconds to get out of the ministry.

In former version you were able to place the explosives in any order. But our bots got confused so I changed the priority of these objectives and you have to place them one after each other.

A script starts counting down.


It also activates a bot-only objective that lets bots leave the building.

After 5 seconds the door explodes and falls back into the building. A (network) trigger triggers a volume that kills you if you are still inside the building.

The explosives disappear with the explosion. They are again movers. I saw that the door does fall a bit too late.

If the time will run out while the script is still running USE will score. The explosion will be seen but Rebels won't score. This is a known error.

The round is over. So is this text.


Additional Comments:

well - ok: here are some more pics:

There is a little zeppelin flying around in the map. I put it in the last day before release. It's a bit too small and very low detail.

It's a little tribute to Blade Runner.


When you pass by this door, a dog will start to bark.

There is another spot across the street with another dog barking.


When you touch the fence it will make a rattling noise. Hidden mover's trigger it on touch.

The same thing is at the metal gate where USE spawns


I made those protected passages beside the main roads to provide a bit of cover against snipers.

All the glass roofs have sound actors above that emit rain sound. They don't have physic's volumes set to keep teh rain off like they should.

Physic's volumes are set inside the buildings and under the bridge.

February 10, 2007

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