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Innovata Office Building

The building where Hüppe+Partner had its office located on the first floor.

The building had been built in several stages and styles and needed another extension. I designed a final solution although only the top floor of one wing has been built so far.

I did the design, detailing and documentation.

6 images :: HP :: Oldenburg :: Commercial :: 1999


Completed Top Floor

The top level had to be constructed while the existing office still had buisiness as usual.

The timber framework construction was prefabricated and errected in a few days. The new roof then was sealed within a week. We did precaution for rain but luckily there was no rain in during week.

Everything was finished within 2 months.

Hüppe und Partner ...


The walls are covered with aluminium panels and framed with zink metal profiles.

Note that the gutter is a bit inside the roof and not visible from the outside.


CAD Render

A render using our CAD software to demonstrate how the building would look like when two stages would have been completed.


Blue prints

I decided that it would be better to show all details in 1-20 scale. This is the cut.

Detail D-01 (235 kb pdf) ...


A section of the ground floor showing most of the details needed.

Detail D-02 (230 kb pdf) ...


The main stairway needed to be extended to the new floor. I would have prefered are more generous solution but the budget didn't allow more.

Detail D-05 (200 kb pdf) ...

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