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Have you ever wanted to walk around in your future house or apartement like being in your own game?

This dream is finally here. State of the art game technology allows you to discover every corner of your new living space before it has been built. - And it looks more realistic than you might think. All you need is a desktop computer or a laptop with a good video card. You can use a VR headset or just a normal monitor - the experience will be truely immersive.


Runs on a good PC or laptop ("gaming" PC or laptop)
Supports VR headset or game controller (optional)

Watch Your Own Movie

Animation Videos are movies that are rendered in your virtual project in HD (1080p). They can be hosted on YouTube, the website of your choice or you can get a video file.

Panorama Web Tour

A good way to watch your project in any web browser on any device. A sequence of 360 degree panorama images. The tour can be easily integrated into your own webpage.

Try it for yourself and explore the Tiny House on the right!



Runs on any device with internet access

Real-Time Walkthroughs


Cliff House Interactive

Cottage Village Apartment

Herbert King Apartment 302

Herbert King Apartment 204

Paradigm Suites

Holder Street Real Time 3D II

Holderstreet Real Time 3D

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More Real-time Projects


Carrington Road - Entry Roof

Tiny House

Sub Sea (VR) Project

Real Time Design Tests

Asset Library


3D Library Lounges Coffee Tables

3D Library Dining Tables Chairs

3D Library Sideboards & Sets

3D Library Kitchen Cabinets

3D Library Beds

3rd Party Furniture

3D Library Lights

3D Library Appliances

3D Library Sanitaryware

3D Library Decoration

3D Building Parts

Documentation and Tutorials


Material With Functions

Universal Door Blueprint

Arch Viz User Interface V2.3+

Arch Viz User Interface V1.4

Modern Sideboard - Modeling (lo&hi)

Modern Sideboard - Baking

Modern Sideboard - In Unreal Editor
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