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This UT 2004 map is based on CTF-Niven. The smallest CTF map released in original UT 1999.

I tried to use as much standard UT 2004 content as possible. All the basic geometry and corridors are custom made static meshes though.

Everything in the map is made out of static meshes except the floor and a few walls.

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One of the centre rooms. - I tried to stay as close as possible to the original layout of the level.

Weapon pickups are in the same spots as they were in the original map. I replaced the razor pickup by another minigun pickup. It was the only item which broke the symmetry of the map and there is no razor in ut2004.


I took the freedom to add a full walkway leading all around the upper part of the center (In the background of this image). This is the only major change to the original layout. I think it adds to the gameplay to have another connection between the two bases.


The curved centre side path of the blue side.

I only used ut2004 materials. This map is some kind of a test for me to create something out of existing pieces instead of creating new content like I did for Domain 2049


The water basin in the centre. I made sure that the level plays the same as the original. Little features like the entry into the pool through the centre are laid out the same way.

It is more a work of reconditioning the old CTF-Niven.


I used modules to create the curved parts of the bases. Everything in this image is static mesh. Even the floor.

Modular Level Design


It took a long time to get the light right. I used 2 projectors on the same spot for the light and shadow effects here. One was not bright enough. The corridors actually have mesh floors with vertex lighting. I didn't use pre baked lighting.

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