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 Poliform Table&Chairs Set

A showroom with designer tables and chairs. Optimized for high quality VR walk-throughs and Oculus.

:: 9 images :: Gold Coast :: 2018



This Project will not be available on the Unreal Marketplace which does not allow exact copies of real furniture. Even if the manufacturer offers free 3D models themselves. Contrary to that my understanding is if the purpose of the asset is different than the original purpose was you're fine. So a digital copy of a table is fine as it is not a real table. And the manufacturer consented to it by offering free models to use for download.

Optimized models to be used in architectural real time projects.

The models are based on sources available at www.poliform.it website (manufacturer/designing company). They are built and optimized for unreal VR using normal maps and masked materials with only 1 id per asset (plus 1 id if glass is present) for optimal performance.

The pack contains 3 table designs with 10 size/shape variations, 2 chairs and 1 stool and comes with 70 material variations. Additional variations can be set up easily with the included material functions or with material instances. Materials are shared between multiple assets: all chairs can use the same material, all table model variations share the same material.


All assets share a single atlas within their group. This makes it very easy to change materials in a scene.


I am using material functions now until the layered material system will be released with Unreal 4.20.

This allows to reuse and share materials with other assets while still only having one draw-call per asset.

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