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Low Poly Art

The art in this section is not based on a high poly models. Many of these assets are modification of existing assets using already present textures and materials.

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Walkway system

Above image:

There was a similar shaped catwalk asset in the game already, but it didn't quite work here. So I used it to create this set of catwalk, stairs and railing meshes while using most of the old material. Just the color and the wood type had to be changed on the texture.

Walkway without railing - 419 verts.

Rounded corner piece - 512 verts

Stairs 512x256 units, closed - 772 verts.

Above right image:

Circular stairs with railings - 2214 verts.

This set of stairs required a separate low poly collision model. It didn't work proper with simple collision shapes.

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