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Arch Viz User Interface & Tools - V2

This is a feature rich user interface with all the necessary tools to set up an interactive scene.

Not suitable for VR at the moment.

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About the User Interface and Interactive Tools

This is the 2nd version of the Unreal 4 User Interface. It's a rework of the first version with more features and a main menu using less screen space so it can stay on screen permanently. Actors from the first version are not compatible with this version. If you want to replace the first version with this version you would need to start from scratch.

Features are:

  • Object and material swaps.
  • Swap actors can trigger other swap actors.
  • Design / Colour schemes.
  • Baked lighting scenarios to show day or night lighting or different layouts.
  • Interactive floor plan.
  • Movie (sequence) player
  • Multiple control schemes keyboard/mouse, controller or mouse only.
  • UI Design customization.
  • Easy settings for camera angle, player height and speed.
  • Ready to output HTML or CSV lists (file plug-in required)

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    Getting Started

    Documentation part 1: How to get the interface into your project and the initial set-up so you can walk around your level.

    Documentation -> Getting Started ...


    Setting up the Info Map Blueprint

    Documentation part 2: BP_SDotUIToolsInfoMap settings.

    Documentation -> BP_SDotUIToolsInfoMap ...


    Interactive Actors In The Scene

    Documentation part 3: How to use the interactive actors in the scene.

  • Swap actors
  • Point actor
  • Lighting marker
  • Render stage
  • List feature

    Documentation -> Interactive Actors ...

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    Tutorials and Examples

    A few tutorial videos with quick examples on how to set up the actors.

    Examples what can be done with the interface and interactive tools.

    General tips and tricks.

    Examples and Video Tutorials ...

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