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The BooksBPShowRoom is an example level that shows at least one example of each blueprint.

On the wall are all individual book and magazine designs displayed. Because the cover design uses masks you can create your own color variation of each design.

In and on the shelves are various versions of the book stacks. Different book sizes are used and each stack has a different material. Some are mostly white, others are dark or colorful. All book material instances are interchangeable. The magazines use a different type of material. More below.

On the right side are 2 examples for the office folder stacks. The top one uses the smaller folder mesh and random colors. The bottom one is in classic black and uses the standard folder mesh.



You find all assets of this package in the content browser under the folder 'BockStackBPV1"

  • Assets - mostly the showroom meshes
  • Books - the 4 blueprints and the meshes you can use with the blueprint.

    There are meshes that are lying down that can be used as single meshes in the scene. These meshes won't work within the blueprints (except the magazine mesh).

    All materials can be found in the 'Mat' folder.

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    > Book
    Book Mesh P_GenBook01 This is the default book mesh.
    Book Material P_GenBooks01_iWhite Use one of the materials in the Mat / Books folder. You can create your own instance. More info further down.
    > Book Stack
    Number of Books 22 How many books are in the stack.
    Stack to Left false Select to which side the book stack will extend from the origine
    Book Gaps 0.15 There is a tiny gap between the books. You can use this value to fine tune the overall width of the book stack.
    Book Angles 0.0 This wil lean all the books to the side.
    Book Angle Variation 0.5 This will lean each of the books randomly very slightly to either side (degrees).
    Additional Leaning Book true Tick this to generate an additional book at the end of the stack
    Additional Book Angle 10.0 The angle of the additional book.
    Additional Book Offset 0.0 Adjust the book offset. Only needed if all books are leaning.
    Tip Books at angles on both sides? If you want books leaning on both sides just split the stack in half. Have one stack extend to the right and another one to the left.
    > Random
    Generate Books false Click this to regenerate the book stack randomly.
    > Random Stream   Displays the current random stream. Changes when you click above box.
    Random Tweak 0.095 This will reorder the book covers used. By default the order of each stack would be the same. Use this to change the covers per stack.
    Book Min Width
    Book Max Width
    The thickness of the books randomly generated between these values. Can also be used to fine tune the overall stack width.
    Book Min Height / Length
    Book Max Height / Length
    21.0 / 17.142
    23.0 /
    The min and max sizes of the books in the stack


    Book Pile (Horizontal)

    This works more or less like the normal book stack. Some values are obsolete while these values are added:

    > Plastic
    Book Max Angles 3.71 The max angle that will randomly generated to jaw the book. (+/-)
    Book Max Offset X / Y 0.30 / 1.14 The max offset in X and Y direction. (+/-)


    Set up a book material

    > Books
    Books Mask1 / 2 P_GenBook01_MSK There are 3 masks that come with the package. Every mask has 6 book covers on it. You can combine 2 of the available masks here. This gives you 12 covers taken randomly per material.
    Books-Random true If true book covers are taken randomly by changing the UV Positions. Disable this to create a single book cover that doesn't change randomly.
    Books-UV-PosX / Y 0.0 Do not manually change this or all books will have the same cover. Useful only for single book materials
    Books-MaskID 0.0 Do not change this unless you want to create a single book cover. (0.0 or 1.0)
    Books-Tint colour The background colour of the books.
    Books-HueVariation 0.25 Shifts the selected colour hue by the choosen value left or right randomly.
    Books-SaturationVar 0.25 Changes the saturation of the selected colour randomly.
    Books-Tint-Feature colour Sets the colour of the blue masked area of the book cover.
    Books-Feature-HueVariation 0.1 Shifts the selected colour hue by the choosen value left or right randomly.
    Books-Tint-Details colour Sets the colour of the green masked area of the cover. Mostly images.
    Books-Details-HueVariation 0.1 Shifts the selected colour hue by the choosen value left or right randomly.
    Books-Tint-Text colour Sets the colour of the text on the book (red mask). Some text will be changed with the feature colour.
    Books-NRM1 / 2 P_GenBook01_NRM Set the matching normal maps for the selected masks above here
    Books-NRM1 / 2-Flatten 0.304 Flatten the normal maps to your liking depending on the selected normal map for the covers.
    Tip Create your own cover? You can create your own masks. Just follow the template and create a normal map when finished. Then use both textures like the ones used in the example materials. Or create and instance of one of the existing materials and tweak the colours.


    Magazine Stack

    This works the same way as the horizontal book pile. Only the naming is slightly different.

    Change the top cover of the pile with the RandomTweak value.


    Folder Stack

    > Folders
    Folder Mesh P_GenFolder50 Use either the small or the large folder. Default is the P_GenFolder75.
    Material P_GenFolders01_iColours01 Use one of the materials in the Mat / Folders directory. You can create your own instance. More below
    Folder Amount 13 Number of folders in the stack
    Folder Distance 5.1667 Use this to fine tune the stack width.
    Max Offset 124 A value to offset and rotate the folders slightly.
    > Random
    Generate Folders false Every time you click this the stack will be regenerated.


    Folder Material

    > Plastic
    Plastic-Diff-HueVariation 0.5 This will randomly generate a hue value between - 0.5 and + 0.5 based on the selected Plastic-Diff-Colour.
    0.0 will disable the random hue shift
    Plastic-Diff-Colour colour The folder default colour. The hue of it will rancomly be shifted depending on the HueVariation set above. To have all folders the same colour set the HueVariation to 0.0.

    Video Tutorial

    This video was recorded while I filled 4 book shelves with stacks of books and folders.

    It shows older versions of the blueprints but you get the idea. Don't forget to click the "Generate Books" tick box get started. It's not shown in the video.

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