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The second map that is located inside the abandonded subway station.

Rebels and USE start in opposite sections of the map. Rebels need break into a security control room, hack the security system, override a trigger at the exit and escape from the subway station.

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After I finished DMN-AldwychStation, which was built out of segments, I thought the location and theme deserved a second level. This time with larger platforms and a subway train that could ride from one station to the other.

The image shows the main platform. I think this is one of the best rooms I ever designed. Although the art starts to look a bit dated.


The same platform seen from another angle. I used the meshes from my AdlwychStation map and created some new ones. There are not that many different meshes used for the buildings shape.

Everything you see in here is static mesh except the floor.

The seconds hand of the clock is moving. Although the time never changes it still gives the impression of a working clock. I tried to get the minutes hand rotating as well but the minimum speed was still too fast.


The 2nd platform has two levels. It doesn't add to the gameplay a lot but makes it look more interesting and different to the other platform.

Another Domain 2049 member made the great advertisements that are on the walls.


The level again is based on a strict 384x384x192 units grid. To create larger spaces I just left out a segment and placed a special mesh for the ceiling. In the image it is a roof light.

I set up the fountain emitters as well.


Domain 2049 Art Style

We tried to create a retro futuristic art style like Terry Gilliam used in his movie Brazil. We didn't really achieve our goal. A game that picked up that style very successfull is Bioshock.

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The escolators have rotating wheels and a paning texture for the floor and handrails. This gives a pretty good illusion.

The idea of the exposed wheels came from an advertisement of a real escolator exposing its interior.

I added a volume that pushes the player up or down when he is on the escolator. The walking animation still played so it didn't work as it should.

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