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Volkswagen Autohaus

I made the documentation and design developement for this car dealership in East Germany.

We spend a lot of time on details. We also got an estimate for most crafts involved. The building was ready to be built.

The parent company Volkswagen pulled the plug before the project started. They changed their policy to support larger dealerships only and this building was too small. It was a bad time for selling cars in Germany.

These are scans of A3 printouts of larger drawings.

18 images :: H. Winter :: Commercial :: 1995


Drawings for the Government approval

Ground Floor.



upper floor level.


I used Nemetschek Allplan to build this project as a 3D model.

The first set of animations. There are some better ones further down.


Drawings for Documentation

This drawing of the entire parcel shows the road access and the parking lots as well as existing and new vegetation.

Lageplan M 1:200


Ground floor 1:50 scale, part 1+2

This is the major source of information for the construction site. It is too big for one sheet so split into two. Because of its size it can become difficult to handle. We used to scale it down to 1:100, containing exactly the same information. With CAD drawings everything is still perfectly readable. Often the 1:50 drawing only exists in the site office on the wall.

Grundriss Erdgeschoss 1:50 in zwei Teilen.


The top floor in 1:50 scale.

Previous image (10):

All cuts on one sheet. Personally I think cuts are very important. It takes some effort to make them but they are as important as top downs to understand the building.

I usually draw them at least in a simple state before I do elevations or even while doing the top downs.

Schnitte M 1:50

These days CAD when used the right way can provide half decent elevations that only need to be touched up.

Elevations contain important information about the windows and the materials used.

Ansichten M 1:50

Previous image (14):

A rendered isometric animation. Helpful to understand the building better.

Two animations for the general look of the building.

A top down drawing of the foundations of the building. Often this is provided by the engineer. Because of the different angles I thought it would be good to have this drawing for the construction site. With CAD its not a big problem to make it.

Fundamentpläne M 1:50


A schematic view of the drainage of the building. This is a requirement of the council. It's often provided by the company who does all the building's plumbing.

Entwässerungs Schemaplan.


Drainage of the building put into the parcel drawing. Scale 1:200

Somehow important for a building with a lot of parking space on the parcel. Usually we don't make these drawings as architects. They are done by the plumbers.

Entwässerungsplan 1:200

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