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Theaterwall Renovation

Another old building. The ground floor was occupied by a restaurant and upstairs were large student appartements covering one whole level each.
First we designed and rebuild the restaurant on the ground floor and a couple of years later the appartments where rebuild.
I did the design and documentation for this project.

3 images :: HP :: Oldenburg :: Appartments :: 2003


Front view

The heritage listed house front of the building.
Biggest challenge of this project was the fact that the building was located on one of the main streets of Oldenburg. It had no space for storing building materials and there was a bus stop in front of it.
After we finished the restaurant we waited for council construction to happen at the back of the building.


Floor Plans

We didn't fully design the interior of the restaurant. So the ground floor plan is left empty here. We only designed the position of the walls.
The top floors had one appartment per level. I designed 9 new 1-2 bedroom appartments into the existing shape of the building.
Having the stairs located on the side didn't make the design easier.

1-100 council drawing of floor plans (800kb pdf) ...



We couldn't touch the house front and side because they where protected. The back wasn't visible from anywhere so its kept fairly simple. We added balconies to the appartments where possible.

1-100 council drawing elevation (1.7MB pdf) ...

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