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Karuschenweg Village

A little village I worked on occasionally over many years. We used designs from other project as a base for most of the houses. Some others were provided by the investor.

I did all the councel approvements. I used a database to print all documents for the 44 applications. They filled a few folders.

On google maps most of the buildings seem to be completed now.

Google Maps

7 images :: HP :: Oldenburg :: House :: 1999


Town Planning

A 1-1000 scale plan of the complex.

- 3 small appartment blocks
- 30 semi attached houses
- 11 free standing houses



This is a CAD render of the houses. I did it a while ago with our CAD software. It isn't as good as the renders you get now but it gives everyone the idea of the village.


I didn't design these buildings. I did the design developement and the paperwork for them to get council approvement.

Because it where so many applications a used a database to create them.


Blue Prints

Floor plans of the semi attached houses scaled 1-200.


Elevations of the semi attached houses.


Floor plans of the appartment buildings


Elevations of the appartment buildings.

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