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My name is Stefan Doetschel and I am an architect and game developer with many years of experience. Since 2015 I create interactive real-time scenes for architects and developers. I have been creating virtual worlds with Unreal Engine for almost 20 years. I have a large library and all necessary tools to get your house or apartment ready in a relative short time.

For slightly larger projects, like a large apartment block or an estate with many houses, I could assemble a small team of experienced developers.

Stefan Doetschel
Galleon Way 51
Currumbin Waters QLD 4223
+61 (0)433 103 540

Details and prizing...

Real-Time Walkthroughs

Interactive walkthroughs let you move around freely in a virtual copy of your future project, giving you a true experience of what it will look and feel like. It helps making the right decissions and avoids costly mistakes during the planning phase.

You will get an application that does not require any additional software. All you need is a PC with a reasonable good video card.

Animation Videos

I can also render a HD video of the project if required. It can be hosted on YouTube or a downloadable video file.

Web Tours

A good way to watch your project in any web browser on a PC, your phone or tablet are a sequences of 360 degree panorama images. The tour can be easily integrated into the projects web presence.

In the near future you will be able to run a walkthrough on your phone via a technology called "Pixel Streaming". The project will run on a powerfull server and can be streamed to any device. A good internet connection is required. We already successfully used this technology.

Virtual Reality

In Virtual Reality Projects (or VR) the user wears a 3D headset and can experience an immersive all-around image of the scene. VR projects require a bit of extra work and a high-end computer. Ask for a quote.

Real-Time Walkthroughs


Cliff House Interactive

Cottage Village Apartment

Herbert King Apartment 302

Herbert King Apartment 204

Tiny House

Paradigm Suites

Contact And Services

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Asset Library


3D Library Lounges Coffee Tables

3D Library Dining Tables Chairs

3D Library Sideboards & Sets

3D Library Kitchen Cabinets

3D Library Beds

3rd Party Furniture

3D Library Lights

3D Library Appliances

3D Library Sanitaryware

3D Library Decoration

3D Building Parts

Documentation and Tutorials


Arch Viz User Interface V2.2

Arch Viz User Interface V1.4
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