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Lennox Heads

I spent a week over the christmas break in Lennox Heads with Ray, Ketrina, Harry and Ellis.

Google Maps


Lennox Heads


Broken Head

Byron Bay

Lennox Heads

Harry, Ray, Ketrina, Jimmy and Ben on the large Balcony of our holiday flat.

As you can see the beach wasn't far away.

Ketrina, Ray and Baby Ellys.

Ben, Jimmy (with Harry), Ketrina with Ellys, me and Ray.

The flat has been for sale for a while. I wonder if it's because of the prize tag. $629.000 for a 2 bedroom flat seems to be a bit too much if you ask me.

You get free smell from the fish and chips shop underneath and you don't need to get an alarm clock because the guys in the shops seems to start working at 4.30 in the morning. But I doubt this justifies the prize. - Real estate prizes in Australia are crazy. They just don't know it yet because they don't look outside the island to other countries.

The beach at Lennox Heads. I went every morning for a swim before breakfast. There were a lot of algies in the water unfortunatly. But only near our flat.

We walked up to the actual Lennox Head. This is a view back towards the beach with Ray and Harry on the bench.

On the river in Ballina.

A sleepy country town which main feature was the Highway from Brisbane to Sydney that went through a good part of the town.

After the bypass will be complete the town will be much more attractive.

Harry wants a sandwich.

My new pair of cheap sunglasses. It lasted about a week.

a beatle

The day we arrived we had a couple of showers and the last day we had a couple of showers too but the rest of the week was great. Not too hot because of the clouds.

This day the surf was very good. Gentle and long lasting.


Byron Bay

Wetago Beach

One of the many great beaches of the area. Famous for the celebrities that might merge in with the croud on the beach..

Google Maps

.. and for these residents too.

One of them was in a good mood and jumped around a bit.

Then they all had a surf.

Cape Byron with Julian Rocks in the background.

Reverse angle shot of the last photo.

Skies are busy too when its windy.

The Lighthouse sits there since 1901. This is the most easterly point of Australia.


And it is one of the nicest spots of Australia.

Famous also for sharks and other large sea creatures. We saw 3 large bull sharks circling around here. They were larger than the people walking not far away on the beach.

I didn't have my camera when we spotted the sharks but they were right here.

A new walk I had not discovered yet. An alternative route to the light house leads through a stretch of dense rain forest.

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