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Muehlenhof Appartments

Another abandonded barracks complex of 7 buildings. This time from the British army.

We built 108 appartments into it. I did a lot of the design and documentation for it.



This is my favourite part of all the buildings in this complex.

The white windows contrast well to the red bricks. The simple extension works well in the context.


The major add on to these buildings was the glass middle section with the balconies attached. It breaks the monotony of the building.

We worked closely with the council on this building to make sure everything is within the master plan of the area.


Originally I had brick pillars designed for the balcony supports which in my opinion would have fitted the building style better. But it got overruled by the client.

There were 4 identical buildings like this one on the site plus 2 slightly altered ones and a much larger 7th building.


The living space of one of the top floor appartments.

Tennants enjoyed living in this complex because the appartments were well designed and reasonable in price. The large trees that had already grown over the years helped as well.



A 1 bedroom appartment in the largest building. Every appartment had a balcony or an outdoor area.

I also designed most of them to be shared by students. Two tennants can live in this 1 bedroom appartment without loosing their privacy.


A small 1 bedroom appartment under the roof.

In Germany every appartment has a little entry room. It is not common to step from the staircase into the living room. This keeps the noise outside.

The challenge was to keep as many of the existing walls intact as possible without compromising on the design too much.


A building before the work started.

I had only 3 weeks to get council approvement for the first 4 buildings. All 4 buildigns were more or less the same.

We had to go and measure the building up and design it within one week. Then finalise the council drawings and documents in the 2nd week so the council had one week to approve it.


Stripping everything off and the rebuilding it. This is one of the unique 2 buildings.


The hallway of the largest building as we found it.

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