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Universal Door Blueprint - FAQ And Tips

Tips and frequently asked questions about the Door Blueprint.


[fixed] Double Door Shutter is in wrong position

Door seems to flicker or is looking odd

[fixed] Double Door Shutter is in wrong position

[fixed Dec-2022] This only happens when the standard double door is chosen with the modern frame type B. The shutter between both doors is slightly off the door.

It will be fixed with the next update. Meanwhile you can fix it yourself.

  • Open the BP_StandardDoor blueprint
  • Open the function Add Hardware Offset
  • Search for the green commented area align shutter double door
  • Add the function Get Door Frame Offset and connect it with the multiplier node as seen in the image
  • Compile and Save.


Door seems to flicker or is looking odd

Sometimes the door mesh seems to flicker or the textures look low res. This seems to happen after moving the blueprint around. I am guessing it is a general Unreal 5 issue. You can fix this by ticking either the 'Is Double Door' or 'Flip Door' option twice.

The yellow marker around the door always seems to flicker a bit in Unreal no matter which actor is selected. You can safely ignore this.

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