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Kitchen Builder Swap Actor

The BP_KitchenBuilder_SwapActor allows you to change materials in run time.

It lives in the Content / ModularKitchen / Blueprints folder.

This page describes how to connect the ArchVizUI3 interface with the Modular Kitchen Builder.



Using the Kitchen Swap Actor

Using the UI3 Variation Actor

Under the Hood


There are 2 actors needed if you want to swap materials from with in the ArchVizUI3 interface:


Content / ModularKitchen / Blueprints

This actor defines what part of the kitchen will be changed and contains all the Variations (Materials).


Content / ArchVizUI_V3 / UI / Blueprints

This is the actor that connects to the user interface. It contains all variation names. The yellow collision box provides something the user can click on.


  • The Kitchen Swap Actor is linked to the kitchen via the BP Kitchen array variable.
  • The Kitchen Swap Actor and the Variation Actor are linked by having the same Tag name.
  • All actors need to be in the same level.



Using the Kitchen Swap Actor

Only Materials can be changed at the moment! The blueprint will get some necessary changes soon to allow mesh changes. Meanwhile please ignore the settings for other than material changes.
  1. Place the BP_KitchenBuilder_SwapActor into the same level as the kitchen blueprint next to the kitchen part you want to get changed.
  2. Add an element to the BP Kitchen array for each kitchen you want to connect. Use the Eye Dropper to connect the kitchen.
  3. Add a unique name as the Tag. Use the same tag name in the Variation Actor.
  4. Add an element to the Material Variations array, choose the Material Type, and add the Material Variations.


  • More than one Kitchen Blueprint can be connected to the Swap Actor.
  • You can add more than one Variations array element. You can change the bench and the cabinet material at the same time
  • Swap Actors with the same Tag name will be activated at the same time.
  • Variations Actors with the same Tag name will activate the same Kitchen Swap Actor.



Using the UI3 Variation Actor

  1. Place the UI3 Variations Actor next to the Kitchen Swap Actor.
  2. Tick the boxes for Parent Only and Call Interface. A yellow collision box will appear
  3. Use Box Scale 3D and Box Location to align the collision box with the kitchen part that can be changed.
  4. Enter a List Name that will appear in the interface.
  5. Add a Variation Name for each material that can be changed and that you added to the Kitchen Swap Actor.


  • You can use more than one Variation Actor if you need more than one collision box. Duplicate the actor and move the collision box to the 2nd desired area.

Read more about the UI3 Variations Actor

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